To Blog, Or Not to Blog?

In the 21st century, is that even a question???

I’m starting a blog – just now. I feel like such a late bloomer.  Let’s face it… it’s no longer “cutting edge” to have a blog; in fact, I don’t think that saying “cutting edge” is “cutting edge”. It’s hard to stay relevant in this day and age, but the pressure is undeniable. 

The idiom “do as I say, and not as I do” has never worked for me – it’s just not a part of what I value. So I need to take the risk; I need to put myself out there. Many of my colleagues already dedicate their time to creating and sharing their expertise and views with the world of education. Why not me?

You see, I work as an education consultant, specializing in the integration of technology.  I should have been doing this years ago, and I’ve been feeling pressured to take the leap. I need the educational world to continue expressing their views and ideas online to help me enrich my own learning. In the age of digital information, am I being a responsible digital citizen if I am not giving back to the very community that has so freely helped my professional development?

I truly see the benefits of using blogs in the classroom and sincerely believe that they are an excellent source of ideas, in addition to being an effective professional development tool. If anything, a blog is a great space to enter reflections, to stockpile information, and to receive feedback from our peers. 

Perhaps this blog will not appeal to the public but will be a tool for my own professional and personal development. Either way, the time and energy dedicated to writing will not be lost. 

I look forward to learning with all of you!